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Excimer laser (KrF excimer laser, 248 nm wavelength) was used to damage cellular components in the dorsal funiculus at the lumbar level (L2) of the rat spinal cord. An open lesion was not found at the irradiation site on the spinal cord. However, the cytological examination revealed that cellular components were damaged to the depth of 200-500 microm from the pial surface. The characteristic feature was that at the border of the lesion, many axons remained naked but intact after their myelin sheaths had been completely disintegrated. Such naked axons were subsequently remyelinated by mature or immature glial cells. Mature oligodendrocytes, while retaining their cytoplasmic processes connected with the myelin sheaths of unaffected axons, extended new cytoplasmic processes on nearby naked axons and made new myelin sheaths around them. In contrast, 7 days after the irradiation, numerous immature glial cells appeared in association with naked axons, and some of them were differentiated into oligodendrocytes forming thin myelin sheaths on naked axons. These findings suggest that demyelinated axons can cause the proliferation and probably dedifferentiation of the oligodendrocyte lineage. The use of lasers provides a unique experimental model of demyelination and remyelination in the central nervous system of adult mammals.

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Interpretive Summary: Leafy spurge is a perennial weed that maintains a prodigious number of underground axillary buds on its extensive root system. Either leaves or growing axillary buds on the stems of leafy spurge can prevent growth of underground adventitious shoot buds (often referred to as root buds). As few as three leaves left on an otherwise naked stem can significantly reduce root bud growth. However, although leaves seem to prevent or reduce growth of the root buds, they have little effect on the number of root buds that grow. Both light and CO2 are required for the leaves to inhibit root bud growth. This means that photosynthesis is likely to be directly or indirectly involved in production of the leaf derived signal. The plant hormone gibberellic acid increases root bud growth on all plants treated with this compound, but it has a significantly greater effect on plants with leaves, but which lack growing axillary buds. This means that leaves might act by inhibiting the production of gibberellic acid in the root buds.

Can immature oocytes found in the medium after cortical tissue preparation for fertility preservation, constitute a reliablesource of mature eggs? GV oocytes released during cortical tissue preparation and mature to MII stage with an average23% success rate, resulting in average 8 MII oocytes per patient. Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue by slow freezing has becomea reliable method of fertility preservation for many groups of the patients. During the procedure of cortical tissue preparation,many small antral follicles within the tissue are cut open resulting in release of immature oocytes into the medium. Theseoocytes have the potential to develop into mature oocytes that may be used for fertility purposes. The aim of present study wasto improve the IVM protocol for oocytes deriving from small follicles which was previously rarely used in the context of fertilityutilization. Oocyte-Cumulus Complexes (COCs) were collected into HEPES-buffered medium supplemented with 10 mg/mLof human serum albumin and cultured following an IVM protocol established in our laboratory (315 oocytes). After 48 hoursoocytes were denudated and assessed for maturation stage 22. A total of 9 patients aged 21-36 years (mean age 29) who hadone ovary excised for fertility preservation were included. After collection GV oocytes were divided into one of three groups:COCs with large amount of cumulus cells, small amount of cumulus cells and naked oocytes. After maturation measurementsof oocyte diameter, diameter of egg??s cytoplasm and zona pellucida thickness were taken and related to the maturation status ofthe oocyte. On average, 35 immature oocytes per patient from one ovary were collected with the range of 13-60 oocytes. 23%(N=74) of all oocytes matured to the MII stage within 48 hours. On average each patient had 8.2 mature oocytes. Maturationrate for the oocytes from large COCs was 37.5%, small COCs matured with the rate of 22.7%, while success rate for the nakedones was only 6.3% (p 041b061a72

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