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Hermann Konovalov
Hermann Konovalov

Angels Wear White (2017) LINK

Two young girls who wear white are sexually assaulted. Another slightly older girl witnesses, yet she is afraid to say anything. The same system that instills that fear into her makes the simple justice for innocent girls an uphill battle.

Angels Wear White (2017)


Actress Peng Jing, actor Geng Le, actress Zhou Meijun, Director Vivian Qu, actress Shi Ke and actor Wang Yuexin (L-R) pose during a photocall for the movie "Angels wear white" at the 74th Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy, Sept. 7, 2017. (Xinhua/Jin Yu)

"Angels wear white" ("Jia Nian Hua") is a drama showed through a double perspective: that of one of the victims -- 12-year-old Wen -- and that of a female witness -- Mia, a teenage receptionist working in the structure where the aggression occurs. 041b061a72

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