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Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father __HOT__

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father is a travel documentary/road trip comedy television series that debuted on Netflix. The show is presented by comedian Jack Whitehall and his father, Michael Whitehall.[1] The show covers the pair's travels to various places around the world, encountering silly and awkward situations.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

There does feel like a fair bit of padding, with lots of classsical music and sweeping views of the countryside, but maybe that will appeal to American viewers. For me a lot of what the duo do felt like going through the motions. The exploits are often a bit on the tiring side, with Jack and Michael coming across as the most annoying father-son double act since Boris and Stanley Johnson.

  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Refers to his mother going out of her way to make his room as un-sexy as possible in an attempt to prevent him from bringing girlfriends home to sleep with, and his father's... everything - though he mostly seems to go out of the way to embarrass his father.

  • Camp Straight: The man's known for his stereotypically camp mannerisms, which he has lampooned (along with his father's disapproval of his interest in getting a barbie - so Action Man could have a date to the ball, naturally), but it is firmly heterosexual.

  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Aside from the fact that they're both posh, the Whitehall men don't have much in common, which is part of what makes his Comically Serious father a great straight man in the Travels With My Father series.

  • Wacky Parent, Serious Child: Inverted. Jack is decidedly wacky, while his father is incredibly Comically Serious at all times.

Furthermore, when they are in a graveyard that celebrates death in Romania, Jack and his father have a genuinely serious chat about death. The fact that Jack cares so much about what people think about his father so much that he will have a legacy after he dies is touching and imbues the viewer with emotion. It is made clear that they have a very strong bond as father and son.

Premise: The laid-back comedian Jack Whitehall travels the globe with (as you can guess from the title) his father, who has an uptight attitude and a penchant for fine clothing. While the two have a stark contrast in personalities that causes an inherent humor, the father is still adept at making jokes like his son.

We owe our thanks to this young comedian for doing what we cannot and traveling with his father to South East Asia. There is all the awkwardness of having someone outside their comfort zone. All without having to experience the embarrassment first hand of your parent making mistakes. 041b061a72

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