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Asian Handicap: Everything You Need to Know

In Vietnam, Asian Handicap is the top choice for football bettors. This type of bet is available at most online bookmakers. So, do you know what Asian Handicap is and what experiences can help you win your bets? All will be explained by the expert team at win tips bet in this article on Bookmaker Odds.

An Overview of Asian Handicap

At online bookmakers, Asian Handicap is also known as Odds or 1×2 bet. This is the predetermined odds set by websites providing football betting services for each match. It's a common bet type and brings the most profit to players.

Unlike Asian Handicap, 1×2 bet is relatively straightforward. People only need to predict the overall winner of the match or if both teams draw. On the betting board, best bookmaker offer three corresponding options: home team wins, away team wins, and draw.

How to Read Asian Handicap in Detail

On the betting board of online bookmakers, Asian Handicap is usually marked in the 1×2 column. In which, the home team is listed above and the away team below. In the third row, you'll see the "Tie" line, which signifies a draw.

So when reading Asian Handicap, beginners often wonder why matches involving the team on top are marked in red, while some matches are marked below. In reality, the team marked in red by the bookmaker is the leading team, considered superior to their opponents.

When reading the Asian Handicap odds board, you'll see three straight lines corresponding to three odds:

1: Home team

X: Draw result

2: Away team

Once you understand how to read it, you need to make the most appropriate betting choice. As a result, your chance of winning will be 33.33%, corresponding to the three betting options. This is an optimistic figure for newcomers to football betting.

Understanding Detailed Examples of Asian Handicap

To better understand what Asian Handicap is, let's take a specific example:

In the English Premier League, the match between Manchester United and Liverpool. The bookmaker has offered the following betting odds:

MU (Home team): 2.5

Liverpool (Away team): 2.8

Draw: 3.1

In this case, there are three possible outcomes, and you can calculate the potential winnings as follows:

Scenario 1: If a player bets on the home team and they win, your winnings will be calculated by: Betting amount x 2.5.

Scenario 2: If a player bets on the away team and they win, your winnings will be calculated by: Betting amount x 2.8.

Scenario 3: If you predict a draw, which is the final result, your winnings will be calculated by: Betting amount x 3.1.

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Revealing How to Play Asian Handicap, Hit Big Wins

If you're not confident with your current knowledge, continue reading this article. Below are some betting experiences on Asian Handicap that our expert team has compiled. These tips will surely help you a lot.

Place Bets 3-5 Days in Advance

To increase your winning chances in Asian Handicap betting, bettors should proactively place bets 3-5 days before the official match time. Never wait until just before the match to bet. At that point, the probability of winning decreases because the bookmaker's odds fluctuate.

Bet While Watching the Match

With Asian Handicap betting, you can place bets in the first half, second half, or full match, depending on your preference. Each half of the game usually unfolds unpredictably and differently. Therefore, it might start with a fast pace, goals right in the first half, or play calmly in the first half and then intensify the search for goals in the second half.

Therefore, to be sure, you should also watch the first 15 minutes of the match. This time is enough for you to know the winning chances of each team and make timely changes to your betting choices.

Flexibility in Asian Handicap Betting

The last important betting tip we want to share is flexibility in investing money. Instead of betting your entire capital on multiple games, you should research information to make the most accurate choice for a single match. Also, newcomers should not bet all-in on a single match to limit the risk of a complete loss, affecting your psychology.


So, we've revealed all the essential knowledge about Asian Handicap in this article. Hopefully, this information will support you in quickly making the most accurate decisions in every betting session.

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