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Refurbished Iphones Att

Together, we can reduce waste by giving functional smartphones a longer life. When you buy a refurbished, pre-owned iPhone for AT&T from Gazelle, you can rest assured you're making a smart and sustainable purchase.

refurbished iphones att

Our phones are checked with a 30-point test before we list them, so you can trust us to offer high-quality secondhand iPhones at competitive, transparent prices. Every refurbished iPhone you purchase from Gazelle comes with a Gazelle Certified guarantee.

When you shop with Gazelle, you help keep e-waste out of our landfills. All of our phones are recycled or refurbished, so you give a cell phone a new life when you buy with us. We make it convenient to order online from your home computer, office or couch.

I have received 2 AT&T certified refurbished iPhones now under a warranty claim and both have had issues. 1st replacement phone the screen randomly wouldn't register touch. 2nd replacement the vibration function doesn't work. Has anyone else had this much trouble with the AT&T Certified Refurbished Phones? It seems like their quality control is terrible. I asked Asurion if I could just get a new one instead of a refurb and all they can tell me is that they will put it in the notes. I don't believe that I will ever purchase a phone and insurance from AT&T again.

Lots of people have problems with refurbished devices from Asurion. People also have problems with refurbished devices from Apple and every other company and carrier. People also have problems with brand-new phones out of the box, so a new phone isn't necessarily a problem-free experience.

The terms of your insurance says "Claims may be fulfilled with new or AT&T Certified Restored equipment, which is previously opened, and/or used (which may be refurbished or remanufactured, and may contain original or non-original replacement parts) of the same model or other models of like kind and quality." As long as they provide you a phone, Asurion has fulfilled their end of the agreement.

No one at AT&T or Asurion can guarantee you'll get a new phone instead of refurbished, because it's up to the warehouse what device they ship and the warehouse will always send a refurbished device if one's available.

@GLIMMERMAN76 Several Apple customers tried to file a class action lawsuit against Apple because they didn't want refurbished iPhones as replacements even with Apple certified parts, so AppleCare isn't always the solution.

The real solution is to either accept the fact that you're going to get refurbished phones if you get a warranty or insurance replacement. If you don't like it, buy a brand-new phone every time you lose, break or find a defect in your device.

The applecare suit was thrown out and it does now better say they maybe reclaimed or refurbished devices.. Applecare+ is a way better solution than Asurion will ever be for screen repairs and what not.

I bought 2 iPhones at an ATT booth at Sams Club. I now find out they were refurbished iPhones that I paid for. What gives ATT the right to sell used goods to consumers?? And does Sams club know that's what you're doing??

Same thing happened to me. I purchased 2 "brand new" iPhone 6 plus. After phones were paid off and we upgraded to the "X", I took my 6 in to have a new battery put in (because of the issue Apple is having with the battery and saying we needed to have it replaced) by the Geek squad who is an authorized Apple tech agent. When they opened the display screen he comes out and says I can not work on your phone or replace the battery because the display screen has been refurbished. The cables are not original and are a different color and the screws are stripped. I have NEVER had any work done on my phone. It stayed in the otter box case that I purchased at the same time as I purchased the phone. The only time the phone ever came out of that case was so I could clean the case and it went right back in afterwards. The phone does not have one scratch on it. So I called Apple and discussed it with them, they said sounds like the store sold you a used phone. You will need to go back to the store you purchased it from. I went back to said store (hwy 92 in woodstock ga) and they said "oh we do not sell refurbished phones here. They sell them online but not in the store". You will have to call customer retention or office of the president. So again I'm on the phone making another call to someone else. This time I get customer retention who says there is nothing they can do because it looks like the phone was sold only to me. They would have to have proof that the phone was sold as a refurbished phone and they can not find any proof. Also who is to say that I did not take the phone and have it worked on somewhere else. Where is my proof? So we get into a discussion over that comment and I told him that the phone has never been worked on period. AT&T sold me a refurbished phone for the price of a new one. He says there could have been a mix up when shipped from Apple to the store but it is not their fault. So now I have to wait on his manager to call me back next week and work my way up the ladder to the office of the president. Oh and it just so happens that no one has the phone numbers to the office of the president. AT&T should be sued for selling customers refurbished phones with out them knowing AND charging them the full price of a new phone. Now I question if my other iPhone 6 plus and the 2 new iPhone X's are refurbs as well. How would I know unless I take them in to get them checked by someone? I never would have knows I was sold a refurbished phone had I not of taken it in to get the battery replaced at Apple's recommendation.

Of course, as with all great things, there are some caveats. For starters, you have to be ok with signing a two-year agreement to receive the above pricing. And given how prone to scratching the iPhone 5 is, a refurbished handset may disappoint.

ATLANTA (Reuters) - Retailer Best Buy Co, seeking new ways to appeal to cost-conscious shoppers, said on Tuesday it is selling refurbished versions of Apple Inc's iPhone 3G at its stores that are priced about $50 less than new iPhones. 041b061a72

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