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Shiv Teri Mahima Nyari Full Movie Download 720p: Where to Find the Best Sources for the 1993 Hindi Drama that Honors Lord Shiva

Full Movie Shiv Teri Mahima Nyari 720p: A Devotional Drama About Lord Shiva's Glory

Shiv Teri Mahima Nyari is a 1993 Hindi devotional film that tells the story of a devout couple who face hardships and humiliation from their stepmother, but receive divine blessings from Lord Shiva. The movie stars Beena Banerjee, Vijayendra Ghatge, Rajendranath Malhotra, Lalita Pawar, and B.M. Vyas. It is directed by Suresh Sinh Gohil. The movie was released on 1 January 1993 in India. It is available for streaming or downloading online in 720p quality.

full movie Shiv Teri Mahima Nyari 720p

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The movie Shiv Teri Mahima Nyari is based on Hindu mythology and culture. It depicts the devotion and faith of Shiva and Gauri, a married couple who worship Lord Shiva, one of the supreme deities in Hinduism. They live with their stepmother Durga, who hates them and treats them cruelly. She also disrespects Lord Shiva's idol that they keep in their room. The movie shows how Lord Shiva intervenes in their lives and helps them overcome their troubles. It also shows how Durga realizes her mistake and repents for her sins.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with a scene where Durga (Beena Banerjee) is scolding her stepson Shiva (Vijayendra Ghatge) for not doing any work. She accuses him of being lazy and useless. She also insults his wife Gauri (Rajendranath Malhotra), who is pregnant, for being a burden on her. She tells them to leave the house if they cannot earn any money. Shiva tries to calm her down and says that he is looking for a job. He also says that he loves his mother and respects her. He asks her to bless him and his wife.

Durga refuses to bless them and instead curses them. She says that they will never have any happiness or prosperity in their lives. She also says that their child will be born dead or deformed. She then goes to their room and throws away their belongings. She sees Lord Shiva's idol on their bed and kicks it away. She says that she does not believe in any god or goddess. She says that only money and power matter in this world.

Shiva and Gauri hear her words and feel hurt. They pick up their idol and pray to Lord Shiva. They ask him to forgive their mother for her ignorance and arrogance. They also ask him to protect them and their child from any harm. They say that they have full faith in him and his grace. b70169992d

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