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Hacking Dell Redux

Theft of cryptocurrencies via hacking is a risk that looms large. In a 2016 incident, approximately 120,000 bitcoins, valued at many millions of dollars, were stolen from accounts at a cryptocurrency exchange platform in Hong Kong.

Hacking Dell Redux

Last week Canonical developers released Mir 1.0 for the "next-generation of graphical solutions" particularly for IoT device makers. Mir lead developer Alan Griffiths published a bit of a redux today now with the 1.0 release out the door.

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Micah RansdellSure, Ryan, thanks for having me on. I appreciate you guys all inviting me out and having me on your show. I'm Micah Ransdell, engineering manager at Netflix. I work with Ryan and Ryan and Jem, on the acquisition UI team. I've worked kind of all over the stack here, in terms of both on the front end and back end of the front end on our website and across many different layers and currently leading engineering team here. My favorite beverage is an old fashioned.

Micah RansdellI have a good example. We're in the midst of one now. Ryan can attest to this. Oh, gee, Ryan can attest to this, in the sense that we are migrating our TV platform from an older custom framework to react Redux, you know, very hot now. So it's, you know, that decision wasn't taken lightly in the sense that part of that decision matrix was really around business value as well as developer value.

Micah Ransdellget there. But there there should be a fair amount of planning, at least, you know, in larger migrations, we have a lot of inputs, you know, as Jen was talking about, with the testing side of things, there's a lot of folks that are bought in and they need to be kind of understood and taken care of as part of that migration.

Micah RansdellI know how this works. Part of that is the more you can break down tasks and the more you can get a better understanding the less unknowns that are out there and more kind of chance of success.

Micah Ransdellfor us, you know, for as a manager, managing expectations of partners is part of the job and I think understanding what's most critical business and factoring that And as part of any migration is important. So, you know, if there's some business business objective, you know, for us, we have, we're in the midst of a product kind of roll out, when it came to how we're doing signups for TV. And obviously, stopping halfway through wouldn't have been great for our partnership with RPM, who is really excited about that rollout. So, you know, balancing, hey, we're gonna continue this, it'll cause this other, you know, the migration to slow down, but we're happy to take that trade off in order to fulfill your business needs. With the given the give and take of now we're gonna, you know, once this is done, we're gonna go focus on this and you're not going to get anything from us for a little while. So being really explicit about that, and then making sure that everyone's bought

Micah Ransdellthe important thing is if you aren't able to make the case to your partners Whoever is depending on your platform for either a pause or a shift in focus for you for that older legacy codebase. Cheers. Without that, you're not clearly in numerating. And, you know, communicating the needs for that migration, because that's part of making sure everyone understands the value for the business of this migration. And, you know, from the technology and from the business perspective,

Micah RansdellYeah, certainly part of being an engineering manager is maintaining and managing that relationship over the long term of talking with the pm talking with your business partners about this new feature you're wanting or this new thing you're doing that isn't allowing us to pay down this technical debt or or you know, explicitly making that trade off. It's going to come back here and then when you get to that point, you know, kind of a numerating all the reasons why you're needing to do this migration is great fuel for that and it makes a lot easier to have that conversation. One

Micah Ransdellthink it's something you should set out at the beginning, you know, in the sense that before you start your migration, it's what are we going to actually measure this as a success with so is it improved TTR TTI for your application? Is it improved core metrics you know for us signups or, or revenue as is something That's gonna drive faster development time. So you know, measuring and being able to quantify how much development time features take. All those are, you know, useful metrics, but I think you really have to pick one or two and then really stick with that, or else it can make your migration extend because now you're changing focus or, or adding new complexity to your migration.

Micah RansdellYeah, no, I, you know, there's, there's a qualitative part of that, in the sense that, you know, talking to developers getting their feedback and you know, kind of general feelings on how the codebase is reactive to them in the sense that if every time they go into make one little change, they end up spending hours making that change, both on understanding the context of the code or understanding where all the different systems they need to touch in order to influence this line of code. If you don't kind of take that as a signal to start, you know, whether talking to people or sending out a survey or something, you won't be able to identify on the other side of, hey, are these things easier? You you identified these as problems before of I would go in and make a single line change, and it would take 10 hours. You know, if you don't identify that at the beginning, then you're not gonna be able to ask that at the end of the day to solve this type of problem.

Micah Ransdellthink, to make that a little bit more generic, you know, in Jem's example of migrating the test infrastructure, you're obviously not changing a UI at that point, but you're controlling the variables that you're changing either only changing the test runner at one point or the infrastructure for mocking or something like that. So controlling those variables and being very explicit. About the ones that you're going to be tweaking is probably the

Micah RansdellI would say, perfect is the enemy of done in the sense that, you know, when you're when you are trying to plan for some of those future business needs, or, you know, correct some past mistakes in terms of patterns that are introduced in the codebase. It's very easy to spend a lot of time trying to over engineer or even, you know, engineer to a point where it's bulletproof for, you know, those business needs. And very often it's better to just be done and then iterate on it and have some plan kind of obsolescence in the sense of knowing that we don't have perfect information. Now, we never will. But we should be able to be adaptable to the new information we get is more important than trying to plan for all those use cases.

Micah RansdellNo, I think that, you know, there's a should be a high bar for any migration. And so initially started off being skeptical about making that migration or is it worth it from the business perspective is always the kind of better way to put yourself in a frame of mind of like, is this really necessary? But, you know, and honestly, I would say, have a plan for exit, you know, in the sense of knowing where you're going to end up and how you're going to get there. And then where might your stopping points be? If you find out this isn't going great, or things need to take a turn in the sense that maybe business needs shift or the technology needs to shift. Don't be married to that idea or the path you don't have some other plans.

Micah RansdellMy pick would be react rally. Coming up at something I'll be going to along with several people from Netflix. Thank you, Ryan for giving me your ticket and looking forward to getting experienced the great conference.

Micah RansdellI also do home automation but I use a home assistant and that's all local no cloud. So I use VPN into my house. Make sure I if I do need to activate something like that. I'm the only one that can do it.

Creare un PC gaming valido non è mai stato così semplice, e nemmeno così economico. Le opzioni disponibili sono numerose, ma ci siamo lanciati nella nostra impresa con in mente un obiettivo preciso: far girare i titoli più recenti con un livello qualitativo che potesse rispecchiare quello offerto dalle console dell'attuale generazione. Possiamo raggiungere, o persino superare, le prestazioni di PlayStation 4 con un PC assemblato a partire da un budget di appena 450 euro?

Ovviamente, dovremo ottenere il massimo della performance con il minimo della spesa, un obiettivo complicato: i prezzi nella fascia bassa della componentistica PC fluttuano notevolmente, quindi per quando voi leggerete queste parole le parti che abbiamo scelto potrebbero costare di meno, o forse di più. Per esempio una delle componenti che abbiamo scelto, il processore Pentium G3258, vero mostro dell'overclocking entry-level di Intel, a noi è costato 65 euro al tempo dell'acquisto, mentre attualmente è più prossimo ai 75. Noi solitamente acquistiamo le nostre componenti su Amazon (per l'eccellente servizio di resi, più utile di quanto non si possa pensare quando si sta costruendo un PC), ma raccomandiamo a tutti di monitorare bene il mercato per trovare i prezzi migliori.

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