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Avee Player Love Template: How to Customize and Download the Best Templates

Let's see how to create our own avi player template, first of all we have to click on the 19 icon, from here we have to select any complete, then after selecting the template, you have to click on the pencil icon. Now we have to remove the icon of the image and all particles from here, so now I have removed all the icons, so first of all you have to add an icon here, after adding the audio provider of the audio provider, you will have to add a have to add image

hey guys welcome back to this blog post and avee player app a creative status editing. avee player aur download aur aap Google play store apps do se avi player app ko easy download kar sakte avi player app agar If you are not getting it, then you can download the Android app by clicking on the Avee player button below.

avee player template download love

So today we can add background as well as border to the video in our avi player app, so for this you have to add the image and click on the image from here and click on the pick image from here and select a background background border this background You can download the border by clicking below, then you can also adjust this border according to yourself, by clicking on the scale here, we can increase or decrease the scale of this background and we can scale this uniform by clicking on Neha. From here we can set our scale, our scale height and veer from here so ok guys

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