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Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan Full Mov

Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan: A One-Shot Masterpiece

Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan (Shadow Behind the Moon) is a 2015 Filipino drama film written and directed by Jun Lana. The film stars LJ Reyes, Adrian Alandy, and Anthony Falcon as three characters caught in a love triangle during the armed conflict between the Philippine military and the communist rebels in the early 1990s. The film is notable for being shot in one continuous take for two hours, with no cuts or edits.


The film follows Emma (Reyes), a pregnant woman who lives with her husband Nando (Falcon), a former rebel who has surrendered to the government. They reside in a remote village that is constantly under threat of being attacked by either side of the conflict. One night, they are visited by Joel (Alandy), a soldier who claims to be Nando's friend from the army. Joel stays with them for a few days, and soon develops an attraction to Emma, who is unhappy with her abusive and impotent husband. As the tension between the three characters escalates, secrets are revealed and loyalties are tested.

Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan is a remarkable film that showcases the talent and skill of its director, actors, and crew. The film was shot in one night, using only natural light and sound, with no rehearsals or script revisions. The actors improvised most of their dialogues, based on the outline given by Lana. The camera followed them as they moved around the location, capturing every emotion and action in real time. The film was praised by critics and audiences alike for its technical achievement, as well as its powerful story and performances.

The film won several awards and nominations in various film festivals, both local and international. It won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound, and Best Performance by an Actress for Reyes at the 2015 QCinema International Film Festival. It also won the NETPAC Award at the 2015 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Asian Feature Film at the 2015 Singapore International Film Festival.

Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan is a film that deserves to be seen by anyone who appreciates cinema as an art form. It is a rare example of a film that challenges the conventions of filmmaking, while delivering a compelling and relevant story that reflects the realities of Philippine society. It is a film that proves that Filipino cinema can produce world-class films that can compete with the best of international cinema.

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