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The Winans For We May Never Know

And finally we remember one of the founding fathers of American gospel music. David Pop Winans, who died last week at the age of 74, is being remembered today in Detroit as patriarch of perhaps the most popular family in gospel music. Fifty-five years ago David married Delores Mom Winans, 10 children were born to that union. Little did Pop know that the Winans would one day be, in many circles, a household name performing and celebrating the gospel as a family group in duos and as soloists. TELL ME MORE recently caught up with Reverend Marvin Winans, a member of the hit gospel music group, the Winans.

The Winans For We May Never Know

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Reverend MARVIN WINANS (Member, Gospel music group "The Winans"): He was our hero long before anyone knew who we were, simply because when we first signed with Crouch Productions, and we were a part of Crouch Productions - well, we could never get a date as to when we would go into the studio to record. And so Dad just couldn't take it no more and he said we're going to California. And they'll have to record when we're on the doorstep. And when we showed up, then they said well okay, and we got into the studio and that's how "The Question Is" came.

Rev. WINANS: My father was not a man that sought the light. He was very humble and he would rather push us out there than for us to have him out there. And when I look at his name scrolling at the bottom of ABC and NBC morning shows, Pop Winans, I just smiled and said he never knew. He never knew and he would have never taken any of the credit to himself. He would've just said give God the glory.

Contact information: This site made by J. Lawrence email: When emailing, please use a subject line that relates to The Winans. THIS IS NOT THE WINANS' OFFICIAL WEBSITE, NOR IS THE BUILDER OF THIS WEBSITE IN ANY WAY CONNECTED TO THE WINANS. Thank you for reading this message and for visiting this website. Some of the music used on this site has been retrieved from,, and (

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Every religion is welcomed in our country; all are practiced here. Many of our good citizens profess no religion at all. Our country has never had an official faith. Yet we have all been witnesses these past 21 weeks to the power of faith to see us through the hurt and loss that has come to our country.

Faith gives the assurance that our lives and our history have a moral design. As individuals, we know that suffering is temporary, and hope is eternal. As a nation, we know that the ruthless will not inherit the Earth. Faith teaches humility and, with it, tolerance. Once we have recognized God's image in ourselves, we must recognize it in every human being.

The men and women who charged into burning buildings to save others, those who fought the hijackers were not confused about the difference between right and wrong. They knew the difference. They knew their duty. And we know their sacrifice was not in vain.

The promise of faith is not the absence of suffering; it is the presence of grace. And at every step we are secure in knowing that suffering produces perseverance, and perseverance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint.

See also Restatement on Restitution, 8, under Comment (b): "Likewise, a person who, before the transaction is completed, knows or suspects that the other is acting under a misapprehension which, if the mistake were mutual, would cause the transaction to be voidable, is under a duty to disclose the facts to the other." Also see annotation: "Unilateral mistake as basis of bill in equity to rescind the contract," 59 A.L.R. 809

In the later case of State Highway Comm'n v. State Construction Co., 203 Or. 414, 280 P.2d 370, 380, the court in commenting upon its rule in the Rushlite case, suggests that relief on the ground of mistake is not barred by anything less than gross negligence. The court quoted with approval the following language taken from Story's Equity Jurisprudence: "`But where the mistake is of so fundamental a character, that the minds of the parties have never, in fact, met, or where an unconscionable advantage has been gained, by mere mistake or misapprehension; and there was no gross negligence on the part of the plaintiff, either in falling into the error, or in not sooner claiming redress; and no intervening rights have accrued; and the parties may still be placed in statu quo; equity will interfere, in its discretion, in order to prevent intolerable injustice. This is the clearly defined and well established rule upon the subject, in courts of equity, both in England and America.'" (The emphasis of the words "gross negligence" is that of the Oregon court.)

I have learned a lot from my family, and the knowledge that many young couples are choosing not to start families bothers me, for I feel they are missing some good samples of life ''outside.'' The family is a microcosm of the outside world, and it offers its ''practice runs'' in a supportive and understanding atmosphere.

I started out in this family thing as a young wife who really did not know anything about the benefits I was going to encounter. My husband and I had babies like many other couples, but I wasn't sure what was in it for me. Besides bringing a joy to me that I had never experienced, it brought me the knowledge of a frustration I had never known. I'd assumed I was a patient person - but that was in a world of reason and understandable limitations. Here I was, for the first time, involved in irrational and uncontrollable little psyches, and for the first time in my life, I was not ''in control.'' The happy world of little people was brand new to me, and I had to accept the feeling of not understanding it all, not working on reasoned premises, and to smile inside and out at the life and growth that was going on in front of me.

Family arguments are good samples for life. We have the chance to sit and listen, to hear somebody out, to let tears run and to let frustrations fly (we are going to witness them all ''out there'' someday). How nice to have practice at it - with listening, countering, teasing, and offering hankies in an atmosphere where people can still say (and mean) ''sleep well'' at the end of the day. Then, too, there's the accommodation to ''bad days,'' whether they're biological or official. To have to accept these doldrums in others in stride, and know that it's not you that's the cause of the funk, is something that takes time and patience and lip-biting, and understanding and loving. Days like these come whether the group is small and at home, or big and ''out there.'' Being made fun of, laughing at yourself and at each other, is unavoidable. It is impossible to bring up kids in a thoughtful and honest style and not be affected by it all in a positive, humorous, introspective way.

You know from previous experience working in groups that having more communicators usually leads to more complicated interactions. Some of the challenges of group communication relate to task-oriented interactions, such as deciding who will complete each part of a larger project. But many challenges stem from interpersonal conflict or misunderstandings among group members. Since group members also communicate with and relate to each other interpersonally and may have preexisting relationships or develop them during the course of group interaction, elements of interpersonal communication occur within group communication too. Part of this course deals with group communication, you will learn how to be a more effective group communicator by learning about group theories and processes as well as the various roles that contribute to and detract from the functioning of a group (Powell, 1996).

While many students know from personal experience and from the prevalence of communication counseling on television talk shows and in self-help books that communication forms, maintains, and ends our interpersonal relationships, they do not know the extent to which that occurs. While we do learn from experience, until we learn specific vocabulary and develop foundational knowledge of communication concepts and theories, we do not have the tools needed to make sense of these experiences. Just having a vocabulary to name the communication phenomena in our lives increases our ability to consciously alter our communication to achieve our goals, avoid miscommunication, and analyze and learn from our inevitable mistakes.

We have already learned, in the transaction model of communication, that we communicate using multiple channels and send and receive messages simultaneously. There are also messages and other stimuli around us that we never actually perceive because we can only attend to so much information at one time. The dynamic nature of communication allows us to examine some principles of communication that are related to its processual nature. Next, we will learn that communication messages vary in terms of their level of conscious thought and intention, communication is irreversible, and communication is unrepeatable.

The first part of the definition we will unpack deals with knowledge. The cognitive elements of competence include knowing how to do something and understanding why things are done the way they are (Hargie, 2011). People can develop cognitive competence by observing and evaluating the actions of others. Cognitive competence can also be developed through instruction. As you build a repertoire of communication knowledge based on your experiential and classroom knowledge, you will also be developing behavioral competence.

It was in this way that Marcella got her education. Most of the timeWullie talked above her head save when he told her of the habits ofanimals and plants, of the winds and the seasons. Her mother, before shewas too ill, had taught her to read and that was all. Even her mother,drawn in upon herself with pain, talked above her head most of the time,too. The girl turned herself loose in the big room at the farm wherebooks were stored and there she spent days on end when the weather wastoo wild to be braved. It was a queer collection of books. All Scott'snovels were there; she found in them an enchanted land. She lived them,she fed on them. She never read herself into the woman's part in them.Only Jeannie Deans really met her requirements as a "part" and she leftmuch to be desired in the way of romance and beauty. Most often she wasyoung Lochinvar or Rob Roy; sometimes Coeur de Lion led her onfull-blooded adventure. There were quaint old books of Norse and Kelticlegend, musty, leather-bound books with wood-cut illustrations and long"s's" in the printing. There was Fox's Book of Martyrs: there were manytales of the Covenanters, things hard, austere and chill. 041b061a72

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