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How To Play €?I Dreamed There Was No War” By Eagles On Guitar With Backing Trackrar !NEW!

I Dreamed There Was No War Backing Trackrar: How to Play the Peaceful Guitar Instrumental by Eagles

If you are a fan of the Eagles, you may have heard their instrumental song I Dreamed There Was No War from their 2007 album Long Road Out of Eden. This song is a beautiful and soothing guitar piece that expresses the hope for a world without violence and conflict. In this article, we will show you how to play I Dreamed There Was No War by Eagles on guitar with backing trackrar, a software that allows you to download and play backing tracks for any song.

How to Play “I Dreamed There Was No War” by Eagles on Guitar with Backing Trackrar

What is Backing Trackrar?

Backing trackrar is a website that offers thousands of backing tracks for guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers, and other musicians. You can search for any song by artist, title, genre, or keyword, and download the backing track as a rar file. A rar file is a compressed file format that can store multiple files in one archive. To open a rar file, you need a software like WinRAR or 7-Zip. Once you extract the files from the rar archive, you can play them with any media player or audio software.

How to Download and Play I Dreamed There Was No War Backing Trackrar?

To download and play I Dreamed There Was No War backing trackrar, follow these steps:

  • Go to and click on the baixar mp3 button to download the backing track as a rar file.

  • Save the file to your computer and open it with WinRAR or 7-Zip. Extract the files to a folder of your choice.

  • You should see two files: one with the extension .mp3 and one with the extension .cdg. The mp3 file is the audio track and the cdg file is the lyrics file.

  • Open the mp3 file with your favorite media player or audio software. You can also use a karaoke software like Karafun or Karaoki to play both the audio and the lyrics files together.

  • Enjoy playing along with the backing track of I Dreamed There Was No War by Eagles.

How to Play I Dreamed There Was No War by Eagles on Guitar?

I Dreamed There Was No War by Eagles is a simple but elegant guitar instrumental that uses mostly chords and arpeggios. The song is in the key of D major and has a tempo of 80 beats per minute. The song consists of four sections: intro, verse, chorus, and outro. Here are the chords and tabs for each section:


The intro is played twice and uses four chords: D, G/B, Em7, and A7sus4. Here are the tabs for the intro:







D G/B Em7 A7sus4


The verse is played four times and uses six chords: D/F#, Gmaj7/F#, Em7/A, A7sus4/G, D/A, and A7sus4. Here 04f6b60f66

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