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Hermann Konovalov
Hermann Konovalov

Amputee Christine Peglegl

i have been playing the drums for about 13 years and have always been in a band. i was in a band for ten years and we were called "amputee". i played in a band called "insane clown posse" (no, not a couple of clowns, those are the people who make a rap cd) which is a cult band. our music is hip-hop, kind of like the oldies music that you hear on the radio. we have been a band for about four years.

Amputee Christine Peglegl

christine showing her stump - sick amputee, kink porn video! extreme amputee, kink video that you won't find anywhere! amputee christine showing 1. amputee natalie on her pegleg in a wellnesscenter. amputee nina walking with her pegleg.

from an amputee point of view, its even ideal for occasions when someones stump has become sore or has developed blisters, which does happen to all amputees who wear a prosthetic leg. when left unable to use their prosthetic, the iwalk device would mean they can continue walking while their sores or blisters heal. especially at the very reasonable cost of the iwalk.

this is from a band named amputee i was in and we played rock and roll. i created this and the next flyer for one of our first gigs, before we had a chance to get some photographs of the members. once we had time to do that, i used the photographs we took and started designing new flyers. maybe i'll dig some of those out sometime.

it is perhaps not all that surprising that amputee porn is a rather niche fetish, but the fact that there is a thriving amputee porn community is indicative of the fact that the fetish is pretty strong. the amount of available content is pretty much unlimited, as long as you are willing to browse the vast amounts of genres that are available. thankfully, there are enough willing participants to keep the fetish alive and thriving for those of us that simply cant get enough of the fetish. at the very least you can check out the videos in the category section of the site to see if any of the videos fit your style of fetish play. in any case, we are sure youll find plenty of material to keep you busy for a very long time. so, if you are interested in the fetish, check out the links below and see if you like what you see.

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