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Firey's Candy Bar Adventure: A Flash Game History

Firey's Candy Bar Adventure is a flash game created by Jacknjellify in 2009. It is the first ever Battle For Dream Island game, before Battle For Dream Island was even made. The game features Firey, a character from the popular web series, who tries to open a candy bar wrapper, but fails. He then goes on an adventure to find someone who can help him, encountering various obstacles and characters along the way.

The game is a point-and-click adventure game, where the player has to interact with different objects and characters to progress. The game has four levels, each with a different setting and goal. The first level is Firey's house, where he has to find a way to get out. The second level is a forest, where he has to avoid being eaten by a bear. The third level is a city, where he has to find Match, who can supposedly open the candy bar wrapper. The fourth and final level is a factory, where he has to escape from an evil robot.


The game is notable for being one of the earliest works of Jacknjellify, the creators of Battle For Dream Island. The game features many characters and elements that would later appear in the web series, such as Firey, Match, Leafy, Bubble, Pencil, Eraser, Pen, Blocky, Coiny, Pin, Needle, Teardrop, Ice Cube, Rocky, Snowball, Flower, and Woody. The game also has some references to other flash games and animations, such as Animator vs Animation and The Impossible Quiz.

The game was originally hosted on the website, but was later removed due to technical issues. However, the game can still be played on the Internet Archive, or downloaded as an SWF file. The game can be run using Ruffle, a flash emulator that allows flash content to be played on modern browsers.

Firey's Candy Bar Adventure is a fun and nostalgic flash game that showcases the early creativity and humor of Jacknjellify. It is also a precursor to one of the most successful and influential web series of all time: Battle For Dream Island.

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